A bold new vision for the UK

Transforming Great Britain into a GigaBritain

Commercial buildings
Residential buildings
Smart light & sensors
Smart traffic management
Public WiFi
Advertising & Kiosks

HyperCities will provide fast and affordable gigabit internet for start-ups, entrepreneurs, big businesses and residents. Access to affordable high-speed internet can help businesses develop new ideas, products and services that deliver real solutions for the community and our future.

The UK lacks fit-for-purpose technology infrastructure. As a nation we're struggling with the demand for data.

Modern pure fibre infrastructure is the only way to support the digital economy, facilitate national growth and enable future prosperity, yet as a country we are falling behind.

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United Kingdom


We’re in the midst of a digital revolution.

Across the UK, the rise of new technologies and cloud services are radically transforming the way we live and work. Government, businesses and citizens are increasingly aware of the importance of digital infrastructure. Our digital connectivity will be either a barrier to growth and innovation or a catalyst for economic and social development.

Full-fibre infrastructure uncaps the nation's bandwidth to fuel a better future

Public Services

Gigabit connectivity for schools, healthcare and public services throughout the community


Gigabit connectivity for business enables innovation, cloud computing, better communication and improved e-commerce


Fibre connections to mobile base stations for high speed mobile data, 4G, public Wi-Fi and eventually 5G


1000Mbps to power all internet devices at home; Smart TVs, media, home working etc.

Engineered to last

Every HyperCity we build provides local business, government, health and education sectors with state-of-the-art digital infrastructure, capable of meeting their data connectivity and communication needs for the foreseeable future. The applications of ultra-fast broadband are numerous, and will only grow as we continue to embed technology in our day-to-day lives.

Supporting 5G

As mobile operators continue to upgrade their networks, HyperCities move to the front of the queue due to the quality of connectivity available to power 4G and even 5G services. Ultimately HyperCity networks will serve people in their homes too, improving connections with family and friends across the globe and enriching lives through study, work/life flexibility and entertainment services.

HyperCities offer the UK a better plan to transform our country's connectivity.

  • Completely independent full-fibre infrastructure from BT Openreach
  • Easy access to all markets to procure Dark Fibre
  • True gigabit cities similar to those in America
  • Half the price and double the speed for retail customers via our partners

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