Manchester will be the first city in the United Kingdom to offer widespread and affordable 10-gigabit-per-second fibre internet service to residents and businesses. At hundreds of times the speed of the national average, the Gig opens the door to unimagined ways of learning, playing and conducting business.

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What is HyperManchester?

HyperManchester will enable businesses and organisations to connect to a dedicated fibre-optic network, providing access to a range of cloud-based services and phenomenal 10Gbps data speeds that are virtually unachievable with traditional internet services.

The transformational network will unleash a wide range of new possibilities for businesses and organisations, without being inhibited by the restrictions and congestion often experienced with traditional internet services.

HyperManchester is specifically designed for businesses and organisations located in the city centre of Manchester, giving Manchester based businesses a distinct competitive advantage. This in turn will help to retain and attract new businesses to Manchester, create jobs, drive innovation and investment, and generate huge economic, social and financial returns for the City and the local community.

In Manchester, Telcom has partnered with The Loop to implement the first and most visible element of HyperManchester: the delivery and installation of a fibre optic network across the City, 10Gbps data transfer capability and a range of high-performance services for the business community.

HyperManchester Buildings

The HyperManchester network connects key innovation precincts and co-working spaces across Greater Manchester with affordable gigabit-speed internet that is 100-times faster than the national average.

HyperMCR 1 24 Lever Street Connected Connect
HyperMCR 2 Exchange Quay Connected Connect
HyperMCR 3 XYZ Connected Connect
HyperMCR 4 No.1 Spinningfields Connected Connect
HyperMCR 5 196 Deansgate Connected Connect
HyperMCR 6 3 Hardman Street Connected Connect
HyperMCR 7 Tower 12 Connected Connect
HyperMCR 8 ABC Buildings Connected Connect
HyperMCR 9 22 Lever Street Connected Connect
HyperMCR 10 The Hive Connected Connect
HyperMCR 11 3 Stevenson Square Connected Connect
HyperMCR 13 22 Little Lever Street Connected Connect
HyperMCR 14 10 Little Lever Street Connected Connect
HyperMCR 15 31 Dale Street Connected Connect
HyperMCR 16 18 Hilton Street Connected Connect
HyperMCR 17 41 Newton Street Connected Connect
HyperMCR 18 20 Hilton Street Connected Connect
HyperMCR 19 Bonded Warehouse Connected Connect
HyperMCR 20 Windmill Green Connected Connect
HyperMCR 21 Exchange Quay (All) Connected Connect
HyperMCR 22 Landmark Connected Connect
HyperMCR 23 Ducie House Connected Connect
HyperMCR 24 Waulk Mill Connected Connect
HyperMCR 25 Northspring Connected Connect
HyperMCR 26 Hilton House Connected Connect
HyperMCR 27 Federation House Connected Connect
HyperMCR 28 3 Hardman Square Connected Connect
HyperMCR 29 9 Stevenson Square Connected Connect
Connecting Dale House Connecting
Connecting Royal Mills Connecting
Connecting 14 Tariff Street Connecting
Connecting 2 Tariff Street Connecting
Connecting Trinity Court Connecting
Connecting No8 First Street Connecting
Connecting 28 Dale Street Connecting
Connecting Fourways House Connecting
Connecting One Two Five Connecting
Connecting Axis Tower Connecting
Connecting The Avenue Connecting
Connecting 20 Dale Street Connecting
Connecting Sevendale House Connecting

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The Loop
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We are supporters of the GMCA Digital Infrastructure strategy.