What is a Hyper City?

A HyperCity is a network built with full-fibre / pure fibre infrastructure, enabling unlimited bandwidth and Gigabit speed connectivity to all, at an affordable cost.

One network to connect them all

So how do you change a city’s internet access whilst delivering commercial benefits for all the key stakeholders?

Public Sector

De-risking at every layer of the city stack

HyperCities are designed to build the network from the ground up, layering the sectors and de-risking the investment at each layer.


Gigabit speed fibre to the home deployment.

Enterprise & SME

World-class pure fibre digital connectivity for large companies. Gigabit speed fibre services for small businesses.


Pure fibre backhaul connectivity for 4G/LTE mobile networks. Future 5G backhaul.

Smart Cities & Landlords

Enables city-wide WiFi, traffic control, high definition CCTV and smart building applications.

Public Sector

Ultra-fast connections to council sites, schools, NHS sites, community hubs and sheltered accommodation

Bringing benefits to every sector

HyperCities deliver a range of benefits for the city, businesses and the broader community.

City & Public Sector

  • Between £10m and £45m economic benefit per annum for the local community*
  • Up to 2,500 new jobs to be created over the first 6 years, including 40 FTE jobs per year of construction*
  • Helps to retain and attract new businesses, entrepreneurs, government and institutions
  • Results in more people working, living, visiting and spending time and money in the city
  • Fundamental infrastructure needed to deliver a variety of smart city projects and services such as intelligent traffic flow, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, smart lighting, wayfinding and CCTV security
  • Reduces pressure on public internet networks and improved free WiFi
  • Reduces current and future costs of city’s own communication requirements


  • Symmetrical 10Gbps data speeds, providing improved productivity and operational efficiencies
  • Exclusive access to a community of other city-based businesses and organisations, creating endless opportunities for collaboration, innovation and sharing of resources and data
  • Access to the latest business data applications, services and tools
  • Greater ability to attract and retain talent
  • A distinct competitive edge over businesses that are not connected to the network
  • Reduces costs for communication requirements, data infrastructure and connectivity
  • Increases global competitiveness by quickly and securely exporting services to the world
  • Makes connected buildings more attractive to tenants

Residents, workers, students & visitors

  • Enables new and existing smart city projects and services that will make it easier, safer and more enjoyable to navigate and spend time in the city
  • Improves residential internet services
  • More businesses will mean greater job opportunities, including more career prospects for graduates and leading to the retention of a cities youth
  • New opportunities to learn and share information across schools, universities, medical precincts and research facilities
  • New and exciting range of events and festivals such as real time live music performances and digital art for all to enjoy
  • Creates digital based community networks between residents, workers, students, businesses and visitors.

* Source: South Australian Centre for Economic Studies (University of Adelaide)

Local Impact

Through the design and deployment of future-proof, full fibre infrastructure, we help bring the benefits of unlimited bandwidth and Gigabit speed connectivity to entire communities.


From health and social care to law enforcement, tax collection, highway maintenance and so much more, the future delivery of these services will be digital by default. A world class, fit for purpose Public Sector digital infrastructure is paramount to underpin Public services. Giving frontline staff real-time connectivity and improving operations and technology, will enable a more efficient service for citizens across the UK and the implementation of a full-fibre network will improve services for libraries, housing associations, schools and hospitals.


Connected classrooms are already a reality, not just the shift from exercise book to tablets, but digital education for children is a necessary life skill. They need the skills to ensure they are safe online. More and more the education sector requires the capacity to operate digitally.


Connected hospitals will not just be a reality for patients in America, a vision of fully integrated hospital where wireless technology allows caregivers and patients to roam throughout the hospital while providing accurate and timely monitoring is part of the NHS digital transformation strategy.

Want your city to become a HyperCity?

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